One Word that Changes Everything: “Whatever”

The one thing I know about getting wrecked is that it comes when you least expect it and you have to make a life-altering decision.

That’s what happened to me.

I was attending a conference hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ. I don’t remember a lot of details about the conference. I could not tell you who the musical artist was or who any of the speakers were.

What I do remember is that during a break, I had a very significant conversation with God. Not an audible conversation, but a moment where it seemed there was no one in the auditorium but the two of us although we were surrounded by hundreds of college students.

The conversation went something like this:

God: “So, what are you planning to do with your life?”
Me: “Oh, you know Lord; I’m going to be a teacher.”
God: “Ah . . . so you have it all figured out?”
Me: “Sure! Remember, we worked this all out a few years ago.” (That’s another story . . .)
God: “How about this . . . how about you let me take it from here?”
Me (long silence):  “Uh . . . what do you have in mind?”
God: “This can’t be a negotiation. I need to know that you will trust me with the results. I need to know    you are ready for whatever I have in store.”
Me: “Whatever?”
God: “Whatever . . .”
Me (another long silence):  “But ‘whatever’ is whatever . . . right?”
God: (no response)
Me: “Right?” (I knew the answer. I was just stalling).

I sat there in silence and began to consider what I was being asked to do. I was being asked to commit to “whatever” by the creator of “whatever.”

If I consented, then I would be committing to whatever He had in store. That could be teaching in some remote town in the United States or a remote village in Africa. “Whatever” meant whatever.

Me: “OK . . . I’m in! (Whew!) Now what?”

God: “I’ll take care of that, you just stay the course and stay close.”

At that time, I was preparing to be a math teacher. Today, I serve in a church helping people connect with God and leverage their lives for His glory.

Along the way, I’ve traveled the world and the United States teaching a different curriculum – the Bible. I’ve been able to watch people use their lives to help others understand the bigger plan that God has for them.

Getting wrecked is part of the process of aligning our lives with God’s plan. It’s a plan that is a lot different than the one we have mapped out in our mind.

When we are called on to accept His plan there will be many logical arguments as to why we need to resist. Don’t resist, just relax and say “Whatever” and watch Him do what only He can do. Don’t worry about the destination, enjoy the journey.

About the author: Dwayne Morris is a husband to Angela and dad to Taylor, Logan, and Avery. You can find his blog here and follow him on Twitter: @DwayneMorris.

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