Get Wrecked in the Dominican Republic

When we encounter the needs of the world…we realize we can be part of something more…

We all get comfortable. And every once in awhile, we need our worlds turned upside down — maybe for the first or fiftieth time. We need to get our hands dirty, to experience firsthand the pain of a broken world as it disrupts our comfortable lives.

We need to practice the elements of faith and compassion that we normally just talk about.

Author Jeff Goins is teaming up with Adventures in Missions to give you a chance to connect with the pain of a broken world — and help heal it. Discover what God is doing in the Dominican Republic and how you can play your part in bringing hope to this area.

You can join this experience in three different ways:

  • Pray – we need partners who will pray and encourage our team
  • Give – we need partners who can help with ministry costs
  • Go – we need people who will step into the brokenness and discover how to live compassionately and with meaning.

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As part of this Adventures in Missions trip, you will encounter the heart of our ministry and what it means to live a life of radical faith and sacrifice. It’s a glimpse at how you could be living differently.

This trip is open to adults of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a Christian mission experience, so prayer and biblical principles will be an important part of it.

If you’re longing for a more meaningful life that isn’t all about you, this could be the jumpstart you need to reconnect with your purpose.

About the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is soaked in history. One of the first landing points for Christopher Columbus, it later became the site of the first European colony. Europe’s influence on the island can still be seen in Santo Domingo, the DR’s largest city.

Although known for its vast sugar plantations, the economy of the DR now depends on tourism and the service industry. Political corruption remains a lasting issue, as does the ever-expanding gap between the wealth of the rich and the poverty of the poor.

We will connect with Adventures’ ministry partners in the Dominican Republic who work full-time to train and send out native missionaries to areas throughout the Caribbean.

We are finalizing the details of the trip now, including dates and cost.

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