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Three years ago, while I experienced disillusionment over the fact I couldn’t find a job in my field after spending four years completing graduate work, my friend Greg Martini continued dealing with Duchenne’s, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. It was during this time we decided to write a book loosely based on his high school days. Greg talked; I wrote. Greg told me I didn’t have to write everything he said; still I wrote, organizing later the notes into a story. Every two weeks we met to go through it, making changes.

One year turned into two. Eventually we had a finished manuscript. We had done this for ourselves, but once it was done we realized it was truly going to be out there. We decided to give half our royalties to Make-A-Wish, because ten years ago Greg and his family had received a trip to Disney World. There was no hesitation where he wanted to give.

A book signing was scheduled at a local bookstore. We were told to let 200 people know, bring 50 books, and hopefully 20 would show up. Our families were on standby to buy copies.

Amazingly enough, an article in the local newspaper ran the day before (on the front page!). Instead of 200 people knowing about it, thousands did. Greg worried we didn’t have enough books, but it was too late to order more. I thought the article didn’t necessarily guarantee people would come, and even if they came, it didn’t mean they would buy a book. Plus, May is a busy time of the year with graduations and sporting events.

About 150 people showed up.

They waited in line, buying or bringing a copy to be signed. My family was now instructed not to buy any. We sold out of our supply; people had to place orders.

There are these moments in your life where you know without a doubt this is where you’re meant to be, this is what you’re meant to do. That’s what I felt sitting there. Those years of working on that one project were all meant to bring this moment to life.

I sat back, looking around the store in awe. This was really happening. In addition to the line of people waiting to come in was another line of people leaving, all clutching a book. Seeing those blue and gold covers, one after another, leave and go out into the world was amazing.

Sometimes Greg says things purposely to trigger a reaction. The summer right when we were about to begin the book we were sitting at a picnic table and he said if he died tomorrow no one would care. I remember being angry he could ever say such a thing, whether or not he truly meant it. Three years later I thought of that statement while watching all those people show up to tell Greg how happy/proud/excited they were.

And there was Greg loving every minute of it.

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  1. Loved your post. Everyone loves hearing how God honors our labor.

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