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Want to help get the word out about Wrecked? Thanks for being willing to share! Here are a few ways you can do that (of course, we’re open to other ideas, as well):

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  • “Commit and do something. The fruit is always worth the pain.” (Tweet)
  • “It’s hard to get your heart broken on the couch.” (Tweet)
  • “Doing good sometimes feels bad.” (Tweet)
  • “When the passion goes away, it’s the practice that sustains us.” (Tweet)
  • “To be wrecked is to be disabused of the status quo.” (Tweet)
  • “Do the hard thing.” (Tweet)
  • “The thing you try to avoid the most is often the remedy for your own self-centeredness.” (Tweet)
  • “We find our vocation not by focusing on ourselves, but by focusing on others.” (Tweet)
  • “Struggle shapes our character. And character dictates what we will become.” (Tweet)
  • “What if the purpose of my life is not about me?” (Tweet)
  • “When we get over our pursuit of self, everything changes.” (Tweet)
  • “In our grief, we find purpose. In suffering, we find significance.” (Tweet)

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Wrecked by Jeff Goins

Wrecked by Jeff Goins

Other Ideas

  • Leave a copy in the window of a local business (with permission, of course)
  • Give a copy of the book to your pastor to consider for preaching topics
  • Share the book with a neighbor, friend, sibling
  • Give it as a gift to a graduating high school or college senior
  • Record a video, telling a story about how you got wrecked and share it on YouTube
  • Join the group of storytellers who are sharing their stories on this site (find out more here)
  • Leave a review on Amazon.
  • Leave a review on Barnes & Noble.
  • Start a study group.