Wrecked Sessions Episode #9: Erin Wilson


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Erin Wilson has built a habit of giving freely. Jeff met her online (but never in person) when she quickly responded to a blog post he wrote, requesting help for a woman with cancer who was about to be evicted. Erin gave $100 to help her out, and this simple act of generosity led to a whole series of interesting events. She and Jeff talk about how getting wrecked on the other side of the world can lead to life change in your own back yard.

Wrecked Sessions Episode #8: Seth Barnes


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Seth Barnes is the Executive Director of Adventures in Missions, a short-term missions agency, and also happens to be Jeff’s boss and mentor. Seth has taught Jeff the importance of seeing life as an internship and doing the hard things that build character. In this episode, you’ll hear how one of the ways we grow into our calling is through doing what makes us uncomfortable. We’ll explore the benefit of saying “yes” to circumstances we don’t really want, but know we need.

Wrecked Sessions Episode #7: Shauna Niequist


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Shauna Niequist is a mother and writer from Chicago. Her book Bittersweet resonated with Jeff so much that he included a passage of it in his own book, Wrecked. Together, these two talk about what it means to grow up and intentionally choose habits that make us into who we’re suppose to be.

Visit Shauna: http://www.shaunaniequist.com/

Wrecked Sessions Episode #6: Talia Bunting


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Talia Bunting and Jeff have worked together for a number of years, but they originally met on a trip to Mexico. Talia experienced a “wrecked” moment when she reached out to a homeless woman she wasn’t able to help. She describes the pain we all feel when we have to walk away from a need we aren’t able to meet — and how sometimes, that’s just the beginning of the story.

Wrecked Sessions Episode #5: Matthew Snyder


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Jeff met Matt Snyder at a training camp for missionaries. The two connected when they discovered they were both writers. Matt then went on a radical adventure call The World Race that took him to 11 countries in 11 months. After that adventure, Jeff and Matt started working together on various writing projects and have been friends, colleagues, and peers ever since. In this episode, you’ll hear about the challenge Jeff issued Matt — one he didn’t want to hear, but needed.

Wrecked Sessions Episode #4: Lynne Kurdziel


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Jeff reached out to Lynne Kurdziel when he wanted to write about someone who didn’t go though a radical overseas experience but was still wrecked. Lynne’s story is just that: a great example of what it feels like to have your life turned upside down and why these experiences ultimately aren’t about us. In this episode, you’ll hear how she decided to use her very marketable business skills to creatively help those in need.

Visit Lynne’s company: http://www.luminatemarketing.com/

Wrecked Sessions Episode #3: Matthew Paul Turner


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Matthew Paul Turner is a full-time writer and author who also works with World Vision. He travels the world, facilitating trips for bloggers to help others learn about the work World Vision is doing in the developing world.

In this episode of the Wrecked Sessions, Jeff and Matthew talk about why being numb to experiences can sometimes be a good thing in a broken world.

Visit Matthew at: http://www.matthewpaulturner.com

Wrecked Sessions Episode #2: Alece Ronzino


The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Alece Ronzino went to South Africa at the age of 19 intending to be there for a year. She returned to the U.S. 13 years later. She was completely changed and couldn’t imagine going back to normal life. Jeff and Alece met shortly after she returned, and they both connected with each other around the idea of being wrecked. In this episode, they discuss changing plans and handling failure in ministry and life.

Visit Alece at: http://www.gritandglory.com/

Wrecked Sessions Episode #1: Stephen Proctor

The Wrecked Sessions with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub.

Stephen Proctor exemplifies someone who’s been wrecked. As someone who had a paradigm-shifting experience, he’s now returned to a seemingly ordinary life and has to figure out how to process what’s happened to him.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how you get wrecked, what to do with your extraordinary experiences once they end, and how to structure your life in such a way that you continue to live out of a place of faith and risk.

The Story of Telly the Tortoise (An Allegory)

When people see the cover to this book, they ask, “What’s with the turtle?” Actually, it’s a tortoise. This is his story.

Once upon a time, there was a tortoise name Telly.

Telly the tortoise was a simple reptile, content with staring at the ground all day, every day. He lived a peaceful life in the city, as few good tortoises do. But Telly knew no better.

He trudged around from place to place, never knowing anything but the concrete around him and the blacktop below.

Nothing exciting ever happened to Telly—that is, until one day…

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